Cell Culture
Assay Development
Creation, optimization, and standardization of bioanalytical, serological virological assays and tests associated with vaccines’ immunogenicity assessment and epidemiological screening

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Cell cultures
VisMederi Research performs cell cultures – based assays in order to fulfil the needs of different ongoing projects

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Quality is an important value for VisMederi Research. It is the core of a trust-based relationship with clients, partners and employees and is an integral part of business culture

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Founded in 2014, and based in Siena, VisMederi Research is the VisMederi's "sister company" that is deputy to performing basic and applied research activities, supporting the development and optimization of new protocols.

Among the various activities, Vismederi Research handle culturing and storage of various human and animal cell lines;growth and propagation of influenza viruses in the cell and embryonated chicken eggs platforms; production of pseudotyped viral particles along with many assays optimised to apply in research studies for Influenza and for the newly emerging infectious diseases.

Collaboration & partner

Vismederi Research works in close collaboration with the Department of Molecular Medicine and Development of The University of Siena, carrying out and publishing important studies in international journals regarding Immunoglobulin A detection in nasal secretion, the development of a newer assay for the anti-stalk antibodies detection, and a sero-epidemiological study for Influenza D Virus. Vismederi Research Srl is an active partner in projects co-financed under the POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020 (INSIDE – PANVIR.NET).